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Talent from the Heart and Soul

Stephen Muldoon, a third-generation artist originally from Put-in-Bay, Ohio, has been painting in oil since he was 16 years old. The self-taught artist jokingly refers to the fact that the entire family is or was involved in art - his grandfather, father, cousins and nephews - as the "family curse."

After traveling for many years to places such as Costa Rica and Europe, Muldoon stopped on Marco Island to visit a friend. His friend secured a commission for him, and he's been here ever since. That was eight years ago.

A charming wit and winning smile frame a personality with a true respect for life and a grounded commitment to his work. Art is Muldoon's life, and he approaches his work with boundless enthusiasm.

Muldoon has had his share of life's obstacles. He suffered a serious back injury in a car accident in the summer of 2003. His doctors told him he would never walk again. "I made a deal with God: Help me walk again, and I'll paint for you," Muldoon said. This statement may speak to why Muldoon's art bleeds passion through the pores of his canvases. Working in the masters' and Renaissance style, his work exudes light and life. Every human emotion is captured and transformed with a crescendo of proportion.

through do many changes. I experiment, test and challenge myself. You can't abstract if you don't have something to abstract from," Muldoon said. "I only sign my work if I absolutely have to; signing is the death of it. I don't title my work either - every work means different things to different people. I just keep painting every day. I can't do anything else."

Muldoon is in the early stages of planning his next exhibit. He may host it at Villa Venezia, where he adorned the walls of the estate with his winning murals. He will break up the local show and go internationsl with it. This show will be a non-profit exhibit with all proceeds used to help build a school behind the church in Nicaragua where he painted a mural in October 2003. Working with John Knox Church in Cleveland, Ohio, Muldoon plans to continue his humanitarian pursuits by giving the children their very own school. "They have school now in a shack. It's pitiful," Muldoon said. Each year Muldoon donates a mural to a church in Nicaragua and paints it himself on site. "Art reaches so many people and breaks down the language barriers. I can give people a chance to see something they perhaps would never see."

I feel fortunate, but I need three lifetimes to obligate the talent God has given me," Muldoon said thoughtfully.

The artist's depth of thought is intriguing and engaging. "It's an evolvement though art. It's a very personal thing. I've gone

One of Muldoon's works adorning the walls of Villa Venezia


"There is no other life. What's next? I don't know - I just paint.."


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