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Stephen Muldoon

Stephen Muldoon is a completely self-taught artist with over 40 years of painting with passion.  His love of painting show motorcycles, cars, boats, murals, landscapes and portraits has now created a new found love of painting on metal.

header portrait JPG_edited_edited.jpg

After a years-long progression of developing his own techniques, mediums and processes the magic of metal art was born, creating a whole new level of interaction with the viewer.  Being able to do things with trick paint and multiple layering that you could not do on canvas, a whole new life to his art was born.


perfect storm.jpg

After burying the art under 16 coats of clear, wet sanding in between each coat, polishing and buffering to a near mirror finish, the final product is what he calls his Ferrari finish. 


Unique paints on metal, brings an archival quality to a whole new standard. You don't have to worry about UV, fading, humidity or moisture. Muldoon believes this is the future of art.

With a watchful eye of the old masters and a hand in contemporary society, this is what the artist calls the Art of creating Art.

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